DISCOVERIES: Secret Pockets

“We all have something to hide.”
Ever since Members Only released their Members Only jacket with that cool “inside” pocket, I have been drawn to the idea of a secret pocket. And hiding places in general. Though, I never actually owned that classic jacket, I now have an entire outfit where each article of clothing (excluding the UnderRoos) have some form of a secret pocket. 

Exhibited below:

While living in a dormitory as a teenager, the best gift I ever received was from my old pal, Joel. It was a shaving cream can where the bottom unscrewed to reveal a hidden storage compartment. The only challenge at the time was convincing people that I actually had a reason to own shaving cream. Order one today and hide something of interest! 

As featured in the video

Hat: No Bad Ideas
Jacket: Triple Five Soul
Pants: Calvin Klein
Shoes: kangaROOS
Handsome Model: Jeremy Yuricek

Audio (edited for time):
“Straight Heat” by edIT
“Opening Credits” by Hybrid