HUMANS: The Most Talented “Jerks”

I tend to be an all-around nice guy to everyone I meet, but deep down, there could be a hint of a jerk inside. And by jerk, I don’t mean evil, or even bad. That probably applies to all of us. This is a list of those who I find to be extraordinarily talented, but have been classified by the general public (again, not by me though!) as a defacto jerk. There is something to this combination of skill and personality that should be studied by scholars. Scholars, who likely think they are better than everyone else.

1) Regarded as most talented within their respective industry
2) Famous enough to have garnered a "public opinion"
3) Have had some kind of "negative" press to illustrate an unfavorable trait

Note – I have never personally met any of these individuals so the criteria is purely based on what can be gauged by public opinion. This list was only made in order to ponder a link between genius and personality traits.
I admire the following alleged jerks.
Kanye West Madonna Tiger Woods David Lettermen
Howard Stern Christian Bale Anna Wintour Kobe Bryant
Ben Roethlesberger Steve Jobs Russell Crowe Floyd Mayweather
Sean Penn Martha Stewart