This website was founded by Jeremy Yuricek in 2001 and has laid dormant until 2012, when Jeremy decided to put forth his thoughts and observations into a consumable content format.

Born in 1978, Jeremy Yuricek is a media mixologist. He likes to make films, photos, websites, music & cocktails. He has worked for a financial company, an entertainment company and an advertising agency as well as having a slew of personal clients. Jeremy has lived in the United States for most of his live with a short stint in England. He is married with two children.

"This isn’t a memoir. It’s not a journal. And it’s hopefully not just another one of those damn blogs with all the anonymous people that leave silly comments! It’s all bundled here within a neat trifecta of words, sounds and images, this is a place to exhibit some personal thoughts and random observations about this bizarre place we live in and yet, barely understand."